Technology Examples from Colleagues

There are so many ways technology can be used as an instructional tool when it’s integrated into instructional activities. Not only can adult learners learn the course materials through technology, learners can learn about technology itself as well as, develop the skills to use it competently.

From reading my colleagues’ blogs throughout the course of this semester, I’ve discovered various technologies I feel are beneficial to adult teaching and learning. One in particular my colleague Bruce R. shared, is Skype. described this form of technology as a tool for doing things together, whenever you’re apart (2016).  This form of technology can be used in the classroom as a tool for collaboration, or even as method for students to learn about the world beyond his or her own community. For example, in my graphic design classes, I’ve been incorporating the use of 3D printing as an added tool for learning and enhancing projects. Let’s say, I would like to interview an artist who currently uses 3D printing in their work, or have a conversation with an artist about his or her experiences while working with a 3D printer. I could use Skype as the method of communication with the artist. Skype makes it possible to make the conversation more direct. Another way Skype can be use is through collaborative projects where students can work together as a team over Skype. I can definitely see how this can really benefit online students who are working together on group projects.

Another colleague, Roxanne F, shared information on Podcasting. Podcasts are digital media files that are produced in series (Bertucci, 2016). Students can benefit from the use of podcasts in many ways. One way is that they can create their own podcast to share their learning experiences with each other, and also with students from other schools. Teachers can record audio podcast to provide additional materials to students to download and listen to at a later time. Since I’m in the process of incorporating 3D printing in the classroom, students could make mini podcasts of their experiences while working with 3D printing. Students can listen to the audio files to learn from other students. And, I can listen to the audio files to make revisions and or enhance my lesson on 3D printing.

Last but definitely not least, the third technology my fellow colleague, Gloria N., shared is Dropbox. DropBox is a home for all your photos, documents, videos, and files (Dropbox, 2016). It’s a place where you can store your files digitally, and can access them from any computer including the Dropbox website. You can also share your files with others with ease. My graphic design students would definitely benefit from using Dropbox. I can definitely see how it can take the stress from students worrying about forgetting to bring their flash drive to class, and losing their flash drive.


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