Technologies Related to Digital Citizenship, Ethics, and Netiquette

Since the introduction of the Internet, it has “evolved into a participatory culture, allowing students to create, connect, and collaborate with a global audience” (Education World, 2016). Because of this connection with a global audience, some users look at the Internet as a space where one can say or do almost anything. Mainly because they feel that anything goes. Some users tend to say things without really thinking about what they are saying. They act immediately upon their feelings therefore, they do not realize the consequences (whether negative or positive) that could happen from their online post.

Since our students are exposed to the Internet in and out of our classrooms, as educators I feel we need to think of ways to teach our students to be responsible and ethical learners of the digital age. An interesting site I found that helps educators to teach digital citizenship to students is InCtrl. InCtrl is a series of free standards-based lessons that teach key digital citizenship concepts (InCtrl, 2016). Lessons range from communication and collaboration, digital citizenship, privacy, media literacy, ethics and copyright, and cyber bullying. You can check out this website by visiting

An application that teaches students the importance of making safe and good choices while online is Digital Citizenship. This app was created by and it can be installed on mobile and tablet devices. According to, students must complete a series of lessons that teaches them how to be good digital citizens. After each lesson, students are quizzed to check their understanding of what they learned. Educators can check students’ progress by logging on You can check this application out by visiting


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