Mobile Learning Technologies: Adobe Kuler and TED

Mobile technologies have indeed opened the door to a whole new level of accessibility for educational materials. There are many educational applications that cover any subject matter conceivable. With the aid of mobile technology, the learner has options for learning on the go.

There are many apps that are useful for students who are learning graphic design. One app in particular is Adobe Kuler by Adobe. This application is an extension of the full Adobe Kuler service that enables you to generate color themes wherever you go, or wherever you find inspiration. You have the option of experimenting with themes to discover new themes. You can even create color themes from an image and explore various color theme communities (Adobe, 2016). And to top it off, you can export the themes to Adobe Creative Cloud to use in the Adobe software! How awesome is that!

Check it out by visiting Adobe Kuler


Another great app that is useful for graphic design students as well as, students who are working with 3-D printing is TED. This app contains an impressive suite of video lectures on every subject imaginable. The great thing about this app is that  you can watch the video lectures and presentations in the comfort of your home. The “Inspire Me” function allows you to choose the experience you hope to see demonstrated; ranging from ‘courageous’ to ‘jaw dropping’ to ‘beautiful’ (Mathis, 2013). Then you can tell the app how long you want to sit and listen to the lectures (Mathis, 2013). You can even bookmark the videos and view them later if you like!

Check it out by visiting TED



Adobe Kuler. (2016). Retrieved November 18, 2016, from

Mathis, J. (2013). Review: The ted talks app brings tons of video lectures to iOS. MacWorld. Retrieved from


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  1. Shawatha Kendrick says:

    Have you thought about creating an learning App for your class using an virtual environment like ON24. Here is the URL Students can assess this learning environment via mobile technology and have an engaging piece of technology that is 3D and helps them to apply what they have learned in the classroom.


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