Analyzing Data

Summary from Student Questionnaire

What factors influenced students while working on their artwork? What problems did you face while working on your artwork? If you were to begin this project again, what changes would you make in creating your artwork? What tips or advice would you offer to others who are experimenting with a 3D printer for the first time?
Short time period to work on artwork and learn the 3D printer First time using a 3D printer; nervous with using it Need less freedom; more instruction – need guidance Research 3D printing
Research and brainstorming 3D printed objects 3D printer would not print at times; filament was stuck Time to learn software Become familiar with software
Peer and teacher help Objects taking a long time to print Time to learn 3D printer It takes a long time to print…be patient
Not knowing the software Too much freedom; too many options Factor in how long it takes to print on the 3D printer Give guidance
3D printing takes time Not knowing what to print Research 3D printing more Smaller group of students
Did not have a clear understanding of how to incorporate a 3D object into artwork Waiting for help Start with a small concept Sign-up to print

Comments from students:

  • “Project was intimidating at first. I am not the biggest fan of being given so much freedom in a project. I prefer a guideline to tell me what is expected for the project. So, it took me a while to get past having complete creative freedom. Once I got past that, I realized my options were endless and it was a lot of fun to figure it all out.” – Sally
  • “I really doubted myself at first. When I am given a lot of freedom in my designs or artwork, I tend to overthink things and not know where to begin and struggle to think of ideas. I doubted I could create a piece I could be proud of. I expected it to look like a bunch of random things but it is actually something I am proud of. I am now more confident in my abilities and style.” – Tiffany
  • “This project enhanced my thinking about creating art. This project allowed me to use a 3D printer for the first time. I had no idea anyone could Print Text. A whole new world of art was opened for me when I found that out. The 3D printed text allowed me to efficiently get my point across to the viewer.” -Kelly

My comments:

Some similarities I noticed from the chart:

  • Need resources
  • Need time to learn software and printer
  • 3D printing takes time
  • Need guidance; less freedom

Things I observed…

  • Change filament myself.
  • 3D printing can be overwhelming for the instructor as well as for students, especially with a large class.
    • Some students were impatient because it took too long for me to assist them…instructor really need an assistant to help with a project like this.
    •  Some students were impatient with the wait time while I prepped their work.
    • Some students were impatient with the wait time to use the 3D printer.
  • Monitor students at all times with the 3D printer.
  • Students like to be told what to do…they do not like open-ended projects.
  • Females were more scared than males to work individually. I felt that I needed to hold their hands; they wanted my attention the entire time.
    • Students worked together and bounced off ideas.
    • Females enjoyed receiving feedback from classmates.
  • Since students were not familiar with Sketchup or Makerware, I had to prep all files for print.
  • Be patient…learning process for students as well as the instructor.
  • Do not assume students know the software…I assumed they all knew Adobe Illustrator since they had previous Adobe Illustrator classes.
  • Gradually introduce 3D printing to students. Gradually introduce the software. Students learn at different pace; they all will not grasp it the first time around.

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