Still Printing

Today, some students finished their projects and there are some who are waiting on their print(s) from the 3D printer. With two 3D printers in my lab and only a 2 hour class period with 22 students, it’s taking some time to print. Even though students come back at a later time, it’s still taking some time to print. I even reduced the quality of the image to try and reduce the print time. From this, a lot of the builds are not as great as they can be. At times, I have to restart a print due to filament going everywhere. I have noticed that when using the printer with a heated base, I have to make sure the base is free from the oils off our hands so that the build will stick. When we pull the build from the base, we wipe some of the oils from our hands on the base. This causes the filament to go everywhere by not sticking to the base.

Today we had a slight problem with the filament getting jammed in the motor. The filament was not properly pulled from the extruder. This caused a slight delay for I had to get someone from IT to remove the motor from one of the printers and clean the melted filament from the motor. This was a lesson learned on my behalf…change the filament myself until students are fully comfortable with the machine.

I still have a few students left who needs to print. We will finish this up tomorrow (Friday).


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