Today, we started brainstorming for the multimedia project they are to create. I explained the project to everyone and I shared mixed media images from a Pinterest board I created, and a Video I created regarding three dimensional printing.

Afterwards, I had everyone to think about this project. I gave everyone an index card and I asked them to take a moment and write what they have in mind of creating. I explain to them that the size of their project cannot be larger than 11×14. I also asked them to think about what part of their project will be printed using the 3D printer. As they thought about what project they wanted to make, some students immediately knew what they had in mind of doing, and there were some that worried about what to do. Those that worried explained to me that they are not use to having an assignment where it’s ‘open’. They are use to being told what to do.

Here’ some reflections from students that know what they want to do.

“I decided to go with an ocean/beach scene for my drawing. To bring my image to life, I decided to create a 3D printed sand dollar to be included in the image. This new take on art and incorporating old practices with new has me very excited to see my result.” – Anonymous

“I plan to have a drawing of a young child reaching through a picture frame with the end of the picture frame being the end of the page) and placing the characters arms in 3D on the other side.” – Anonymous

“My multimedia project is based on brining a singers performance to life. I plan to draw a picture of my singer from a perspective that she’s actually reaching out into the crowd.” – Anonymous

“The 3D printed piece in my project will be a shell. It is going to be inside of a sunflower. I plan to print wording in different fonts to include in my design. I will be drawing and shading the flower petals.” – Anonymous

“I plan on making a woman’s face at a funeral using mixed media. I want to use the 3D printer to create a face (that I plan to paint completely white) then I plan to use black mesh and a feather to make a funeral hat. I’m not sure if I want the face to have dark black eyeliner tears smearing down her face yet, but I know she will be wearing eyeliner. Her hair will be straight and black but, I want it to gradually turn gray at the ends so it looks like the stress is just too much. I’m very excited about this piece.” – Anonymous

Overall, this class was basically an introduction to this project.

Class duration: 2 Hours
I have 22 students currently enrolled in my class; 11 males and 11 females.


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